Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project: turn Cuttlebug "Harmony" alphabet into a greek alphabet!

When I wanted to write a title in greek in the September 2008 layout, I used the Cuttlebug "Harmony" alphabet and the letters were fine.
So I thought to make a guide for future reference and to share it with you:
The purple letters are the letters without any alterations.
The green are the greek letters that came out after alterations, for example in order to make a "Γ" I used a "T" and cut off the upper left end and so on.
The letter that was the most difficult to figure out is the "Σ" where I used two "z".
Finally, because in some cases I use letters in reverse, i.e. the "β" is the B reversed, I have to keep it in mind when I'll use patterned paper that I must have the pattern I 'm using facing not the die but the other way.
Not the easiest way to make greek letters, but still it is a way!

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