Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Layout: March 2008

For this layout I wanted lots of flowers, so I started cutting them the way I mentioned in my earlier post.
Unfortunately, for some weird reason, I ruined each and every one, usually by cutting off the petals!
I tried 4-5 times, each time a disaster, finally I kept only 2 of them that were almost ok but used them under the big semi-transparent Prima ones.
(I got really frustrated, it was not fun at all, so I bought THIS on ebay.)
I used my cuttlebug dies to cut the small flowers and the leaves, then I used distress ink (I always do, almost on everything!) for the edges.
Then I cut free hand green cardstock to make the curves, embossed them with the cuttlebug "Swirls" folder and then sanded them a bit.
I added the journaling in the middle.
For the "Jump Jump!" title I used colored foam pad that I cut with my cuttlebug alphabet, I kept the negatives of the letters and used them in the lower right corner.
Too many flowers I think, but definitely very girlie and cute!

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  1. I don't think that you have too many flowers ...its just perfect



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