Monday, October 5, 2009

Techinque: Make a flower

It's been a while that I'm concidering to buy a Sizzix Bigz flower die, something like THIS because I like flowers but not the ready made ones, like Prima, I prefer to use my own paper, inks, stamps etc and make my own embellishments.
Meanwhile, for the February LO I needed a big flower, so I made it from scratch, this is how:
1) I cut three squares from patterned paper, one smaller than the other, for example the first 8 cm, the second 6 cm and the third 4 cm.
2) I folded each in half and then again in half
3) Then I sketched (on the folded quarter) a quarter of a flower, two whole petals and two half petals.
4) I cut the folded quarter on the sketch lines
5) I unfolded it and the first flower is ready
6) I repeated it for the second flower and the third
7) Then I used my bone folder to curl the petals
8) Glued them one on top of the other
9) For the center you can use anything (a button, a brad, a round piece of paper - this is what I used, etc)
10) A three layered flower is ready!

It is a really funny and practical technique (it reminded me of my school days!) since you can make flowers of any size and pattern, to match your project.
Have fun!


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