Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby Layout: September 2008

I made 3 pages for my niece's christening , the coolest thing that happened is that I made greek letters with the Cuttlebug "Harmony" alphabet!
It has caracters that resemble the greek letters and for the rest I improvised: in order to make an "φ" I used the number 8 and the letter J: I cut in half the 8 and added the J and I had an "φ"! For the "σ" I cut an E and then I turned it upside down. Finally for the "ν" I just used the V!
I'm so glad I bought this, it was really cheap on ebay, just $33 ($23 + $10 for shipping) sealed in package!



  1. Nice colours and papers.The cuttlebug alphabet and the way you used it... so great!I want to buy an alphabet, and after this post of you, i think this is going to be this alphabet.I also liked in the third LO the stamps that are so glossy.How did you do it?

  2. UTEE rulez!!!
    I used versamark, then clear UTEE (I'm addicted to it) and then my heatgun, then I sprinkled a second layer of UTEE while the picture was still hot from the heatgun, used the heatgun again and then a third layer of UTEE while the paper was still hot and heatgun once more. Of course you can do only one layer, or two, but I like the three layers (the result is like an epoxy embellishment). Afterwards, if you want to bend the paper, or make a hole, you must do it while it is still mildly warm unless you want a crackle effect.
    You can have the same results with Glossy Accents from Ranger but I prefer UTEE than the Glossy Accents because it takes a couple of minutes to finish it while the Glossy Accents dries very slowly, especially if you used it in a thick layer (in this case I must leave it to dry overnight). I only use Glossy Accents on small embellishments.
    Finally the papers are K & Company, the pink is from the Bailey collection and the other two from the Hopscotch Girl collection.



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