Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Delivery Day: Bind It All

I 've got a Bind It All!
I 've got a Bind It All!
I 've got a Bind It All!

As you can tell I 'm doing the happy dance because I bought the Bind It All!

I 'm extra happy because I bought it 60 euros, it was on sale at Boit A Scrap , the shipping was free (I purchased some paper pads as well and if the order is over 70 or 75 euros, I'm not sure exactly, it is free) and it arrived at my doorstep just 6 days after the day I ordered it!

I' m totally clueless about what I 'm going to do with it, but I 'm sure I 'll find something! :-)))

Did I tell you? I 've got a Bind It All!

1 comment:

  1. lucky girl!!! please let me know what yyou think of it....I think that the bing it all will be my next big buy......ENJOY



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