Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scrap Room in Progress: Almost Done!

Well, after a few weeks of labour, while I couldn't thoroughly clean my hands, my clothes and my flip flops of streaks and blotches of paint, my scrap room (scrap corner in my basement to be precise) is almost done!
It still needs some decoration, but after spending days without end painting the universe (walls, the ceiling, the floor, the chairs) I don't think I'm going to use brush or paint any time soon now!
The really cute chairs were originally dark brown (they must be 30 years old or even more) and I mixed the colours myself: I bought just 3 colours (blue yellow and red) and white and the results were amazing! And the fun part is that I didn't plan it this way, I went to choose mixed colours at a hardware store, but the smallest quantity that I could buy was half a kilo per colour, and it would cost almost 7 euros per colour (!!!). So I bought three standard ready colours, quarter of a kilo each, and half a kilo white, and had it my own way! There is one more chair that came out mint green, and two wooden armchairs that are in blue shades, but I must dedicate a post to them, they have a special (hillarious) story of their own...
I also put together the wooden drawers on the left (35 euros each, from IKEA, I bought two and put them side by side so they make a long one, that's where all my scrapbooking stash is hidden) and I must say that I made my own on this object too, since the first one now has an extra hole, that was not in the manual. It is a tiny one though and not visible...I had really hard time to figure out the zillions of screws, it is more complicated than it seems because you have to assemble the outer box, then each drawer ant then combine them all together in a way that makes sense and is practical too...I only need to say that the first one took me 2 hours, the second one took me 30 minutes (and no extra holes!).
I'm really happy with the final result, it's a place where I can scrap or draw or whatever and have all my things organized.
And oh, I LOVE my chairs!!!


  1. I'm so glad that you are back!!! Your room looks great and the chairs too.Happy scraping!!!

  2. Hi Joanna, thank you for your comment, happy scraping to you too!

  3. Hiya just discovered your blog ... like reading my scrappy story, you start with a shelf on your bookshelf, or in the cupboard and next thing you know you need a whole room!!! LOL :)



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