Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crafter's Net: Stamp TV

I'm watching Gina K's videos on Youtube (Stamp TV) for quite some time now and I always enjoy them, she always shows simple and interesting techiques, things that anyone can try.
Recently, I wanted to try her Pure Luxury cardstock, but I couldn't find any information about delivery to Greece.
So I email them and they answered that they in fact do deliver to Greece through Priority mail, check out the details in THIS link.
So, I ordered two of her Pure Luxury cardstock for stamping, cardmaking etc and the "A year of flowers" stamp set, total delivery cost 12,95 in a Priority Mail enveloppe.
My parcel was delivered to my door, 7 days after the purchase! I didn't have as yet the time to make something with it, I just played a little as you can see in the picture, I used prismacolor pencils, and I really like the cardstock a lot, it is extra smooth, sturdy, the colour is pure white but not the greyish one, it has a warmer very subtle tint.
As for the stamps set, they come in one rubber sheet and you have to cut round the stamps, a little tricky if it is the first time (for me it was) but apart from this they are gorgeous, really well defined and they come ready with an adhesive backing that clings to the acrylic block.

Very happy with the total experience, one more checked and trusted retailer!


  1. Your colouring is absolutely great!!!I love the shadows that you make.

  2. I was in a hurry because currently I run like Lola in the film, imagine that new stuff arrives at my door and I don't have time to try them!!!
    Anyway, I tried something different for the blending, I filled my waterbrush with the solvent instead of using my paper stubs (tortillions) with it but it didn't work out very well because it leaks more solvent than necessary and it doesn't blend very well. Nevertheless, making mistakes is a step towards knowledge, so I'm definitely feeling a little wiser now!!!



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