Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crafter's Net: Copic Talk 2

I'm currently under the Copic spell...
The fact is that I'm not happy with my markers since they scratch the paper, no matter how light the pressure of the strokes, no matter what kind of paper I use.
So, yes, I'm considering to buy some Copic markers, it's only the the cost that holds me back...
Anyway, I came accross THIS german online retailer, I think the prices are really interesting, unfortunatelly I don't speak german :-(
I also found THIS, and I'm seriously thinking to take my chances, hopefully the box is small and will pass unnoticed the greek customs! I've purchased stuff from jetpens in the past, mostly fountain pens, fast delivery, good service.

No matter what, nowdays it is really cheap to buy from usa given the currency rates (USD to EURO), so maybe it is now or never!


  1. Maybe you already know it but you can find copics here
    and Memories Trend will have them in september.I bought mine from Myriorama at the Uk ebay for 1,89 pounds each.I bought copic ciao because they were cheaper and i'm very pleased with them.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    well, I bought them from Jetpens, I couldn't resist any longer :-), $69 shipping included, about 4 euros each.
    I saw art center before, but it sells mostly the originals and only a few sketch, and I like the brush tip. As for the Ciao, I didn't choose them becase they are not compatible with the airbrush system and I now I will buy it at some point (maybe for christmas!!!). I didn't know Myriorama, or that memories trend will have them, thanks for sharing!



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