Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Delivery Day: Patterned Paper and Cardstock

I just received my goodies and I'm so excited, I love all of them!

K & Company Bailey 30x30 paper pad, 36 two-sided papers, classic flowers and paisley designs in rich colors, really beautifull.
Also K & Kompany Hopscotch Girl 30x30 paper pad, 36 two-sided papers, really yummie colors and designs, I adore this pad.
Finally I bought a cardstock pack, Core'dinations Elements Super Assortment, , I can't wait to try it and find out what I can do with the colored core, definitely a little sanding or even tearing, who knows!

Now, ordering 12x12 paper pads or cardstock packs does not come cheap if you live in Greece, since delivery costs quite a bit when you order them from abroad, even when I'm buying from ebay. So, that's what I do:

On ebay, I choose a european site, for example Then, I search for the desired object and on the tab "Preferences" -> "Location" I choose "European Union", since these items are heavy and large in size and even if I find something at a good price at, there is the risk to pass through the greek customs, and if it does, well, that's a sad story...
Choosing European Union in the preferences, there is not such danger.

Besides ebay, there are a few (that I at least know) online retailers, in Europe, that I use, and recently I discovered two french sites:
The difference with these online retailers is that they charge a fixed sum for delivery to Greece, 12 and 10 euros respectively, and not accordingly to weight, value or volume, so if you want to buy heavy or large objects, it comes quite cheap. For example, I bought from la fourmi creative 2 paper pads (36 sheets each), a cardstock assortment (80 sheets) and an album, all 12x12 inches, and the delivery cost was 12 euros, delivered to my door (and not at the post office) 7 days after the day I ordered them.
Another aspect is that they have promotions and sales quite often, for example each K & Company paper pad cost me about 10 euros, I think it is a really good price.

If you happen to know and trust an online retailer in Europe that delivers to Greece, you're welcomed to share it with me!


  1. hi there Scrapgal...thanks for your advise about delivery from Europe..i have bought from shops from the U.K. but recently they wanted 20 euros for delivery!!! will check your two shops .. so excited.your fairy also looks very nice would love to see more of your album...

  2. Hi Zeffy, thanks for your comment!
    If you speak german (unfortunately I don't)I think it's worth while to search for german online shops too.



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