Monday, September 14, 2009

Card Making: Flower Frame

This is a funny card for my niece, the fact is that she is the sweetest girl but she hits hard enough (sometimes she even bites!) for her age (26 months).
So I used my nestabillities to cut a frame for her picture, I wrote “you’re a flower…” but the surprise is inside the card, where I continue “that hits like a bear”. In greek flower (louloudi) rimes with little bear (arkoudi), in loose translation.
The paper was bought at Lidl, it is really sturdy, perfect for cards and cheap. I used HOTP stitching templates, the little butterfly is Inkadinkado, from the Fairies clear stamps set.
As for the bear, it is a fact: I cannot draw animals!!! So, after a few unsuccessful attempts, I scrap something from white paper, it looks something between Winnie the pooh and Miss Piggy…

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