Sunday, June 7, 2009

Scrap room in process!

It's a fact: I need a designated space for my crafts!
I started storing my stuff in the closet in my bedroom and moving it on the kitchen table were I scrap, but after almost a year of buying various supplies, there's no more room in my closet! The worst part is that when I want to scrap, I put them on my bed and choose what I want, move them on the kitchen table, then go back to my room, I pick what else I need, go back to the kitchen, etc, etc. Of course, this is not bad if you want to work out while scrapping :-))).
So, I decided to renovate the basement, it is actually a long big storing place, were I had hidden lots of useless stuff (for example books from my elementary school!!!). You will not believe what else I found: my Candy Candy comics, I jumped up and down because all these years I thought that I had thrown them away!
It will take a LOT of work, thank god I'm through with sorting them out. Now I have to clean the place, paint it, and then decide what to put where and how.
OMG I'm already tired!!!
I' m thinking of going to IKEA to see what I can get, my thinking is to make it simple and inexpensive, and these LERBERG shelves seem really nice (and cheap!) I will also need a few (or not) plastic boxes and maybe when the sales season opens, I will add this cabinet, since my not yet 2 years old niece has discovered my scraping stuff and I need to keep them locked!
I also need new curtains, a swivel chair, maybe this because it is cheap and PINK (I definetely need some pink).
Actually, I already have a precise idea of how I will arrange the place, all I need is time, effort and commitment to make it happen.


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