Sunday, January 17, 2010

JYC 2009: Cover

In order to make the cover I cut two pieces of plain grey cardboard in 7x13 inch pieces. I painted using red distress ink, but then changed my mind and wanted it green (LOL!). So, I used Ranger's white paint Adirondack dabber after adding a bit of water in the bottle because I wanted it less thick and painted the whole thing in small circular movements going up and when reaching the top going down and so on. Then, while the paint was still wet, I sprayed the whole with a water and Ranger's Perfect Pearl mixture.
Here's a photo:

Then, I positioned the Winter Crystal Tattered Angel's screen (it's the first time that I use it and really liked it) and covered the whole thing with Ranger's Distress inks in green shades. And here's the result:

Then I wanted to make a window in the cover so I used a round frame to draw a circle and then cut it.
Next step, I thinned a bottle of Ranger's Rock Candy crackle paint with water, mixed well and covered the front and back cover, using not the brush but a piece of foam to spread the paint.
Here's a photo:

Whent it was dry I made holes around the window and threaded red ribbon through them and finally added a bow. Last step, I added the title (Basic Grey chipboard letters that I painted with Ranger's Distress inks and then added Ranger's Rock Candy crackle paint) and added the hole on the right and the red ribbon for the closure.
And here it is:

For the binding I used the Bind It All and the biggest O'wires available, not the smartest thing to do because the album is very chunky, next time I want to do something fat I 'll propably do a gatefold album.

The binding was ok but I wanted to make sure that the pages wouldn't fall out, so I did some extra wiring: I used a nail to make a tiny wire:

and then catched the loops of the O'wire with it:

If you want to try this, it helps to tie one end of the wire to a table leg and then use the nail in circular movements, so as to make the tiny wire.
JYC 2009 officially over, can't wait for next year!


  1. Εξαιρετική δουλειά!!! για άλλη μια φορά.Κάθε φορά που διαβάζω πώς φτιάχνεις κάτι καταλαβαίνω πόσο πολύ σου αρέσει και πόσο πολύ αγαπάς αυτό που κάνεις.Γι' αυτό και οι δημιουργίες σου είναι όλες τέλειες!

  2. εγινε υπέροχο!!!χίλια μπράβο σου! καταπληκτική δουλειά!

  3. Τι να πώ?? έχω μείνη άφωνη!! ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΗ ΔΟΥΛΕΙΑ!!
    υπέροχο χρώμα καταπληκτικό απότέλεσμα!!
    χαλάλι τα βαμμένα χέρια!!!
    Μπράβο σου!!!

  4. Brilliant cover and fantastic tip for the bind it all wire!!

  5. Gorgeous - I would love to know how you made the ribbon frame it's beautiful!

  6. Hi guys, I'm so happy you like it! Fleur, as for the ribbon frame, it's one of the things I do, that is starting something having a vague idea of what result I want and hoping it won't be a disaster! LOL!
    Details: I took a long piece of ribbon (it was originally pink than I colored red with a copic marker) folded it in half and starting from the top hole threaded the half ribbon clockwise until I reached the top hole again. Then I did the same thing with the other half of the ribbon, starting from the top hole again but this time threaded it through the holes counterclockwise so this end too reached the top hole in the end and finally tied the two ends on the backside of the cover in a little knot. Then I made the bow seperately and secured it in place with a few secret stitches on the back. That's it!

  7. Congratulations! That's what scrapbooking is all about, to get your hands dirty! The results are amazing!!! WOW!!!! I really admire your work!!!!



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