Saturday, January 23, 2010

A cute Sketchbook! #2

I really liked this sketchbook so I made another one (background paper from the Cosmo Cricket "Earth Love" collection.)!
I also noticed that I have to buy some O'wires, the only color I have is red!
Now, in order to give some meaning to this post
I'll give you a tip: when you do something with the Bind it all, at the point that you cut the covers, always cut them larger than your actual pages, particularly in width, let's say half an inch, especially when you 'll use many pages in your book/album etc. This way the outcome of the binding is better looking. Of course this is also a matter of personal taste, but in my case I prefer it this way.
And another tip, about blending the colors with your markers: this time I colored the Tilda starting with the darkest color, then blended the color with a lighter shade and then blended the total with the lightest shade. I found that this way I color faster and probably don't waste as much ink as I do when I start with the lighest shade. On the other hand, putting a very dark color on "dry" paper may have as a result a not so uniform blending, because the paper is not already soaked with a lightest shade and that means that it will absorb all your dark ink, so if you use dark shades, that's something to consider.
Now, about this sketchbook, since I'll use it mostly for coloring with markers, in order to avoid soaking through the next page and wasting it, I used the idea of the repositionable Zutter pages:  I punched a page and then used the scissors and cut the paper between the slots and the edge of the paper. This way I can secure this scrap paper behind the page I'm coloring and when I'm done I can remove it and put it behind the next page.


  1. Really cute covers!!!
    Excellent colouring of the stamp! BRAVO!!
    I admire your patients in cutting out the magnolia!

  2. Πολύ όμορφο! ευχαριστούμε και για τα tips!

  3. look since you are making more why don't you make one for me!!! LOL



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