Tuesday, December 8, 2009

JYC 2009: Day 7

Today's prompt is about christmas presents, so I did a "shopping list" for my family. I 've already purchased the gift for my niece Rania and wrapped it as well, so I 've taken photos of it (before and after wrapping) an I 've put a green check underneath it.
The punced borders were made with the Martha Stewart "Flower Bed" deep edge punch, the truth is that I creatively "destroyed" a 6 x12 cardstock sheet with it, but finally I achieved my goal, that is to make the double border in the centre of the page (I don't know how to do it again though, I didn't keep any measures, LOL!).
I also remembered why I dislike eyelets so much, I just can't make them do what I want (!!!) first of all I ruined their shape (too much force used?)and then they tore the cardstock (too close to the edge?), in the end I just added the thread and glued them in place (hopefully they won't fall out!).
Maybe I 'll add some embellishments, but that's it for today!

1 comment:

  1. Wow girl those punches are amazing!!!!
    I love your layout!!



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