Thursday, March 4, 2010

Project: Easter Basket

I had some leftovers from the photo frame project and there was one I wanted to use in something, that was a strip of pp that I had already punched with the Martha Stewart Trellis border punch, about 5 inches long and didn't use it.
So I was fooling around with it, not sure how I could use it, when I bent it and formed a circle. Easter coming, I had the idea to use it in order to make a kind of basket, so I started experimenting:
I made a base by cutting a circle on cardstock at a size that the punched strip I started with would cover all around it. Then I realized that there was no way to adhere the border on the base, so I cut a strip of green cardstock about an inch and a half  width and adhered that first on the base. The trick is to cut narrow fringes about a quarter of an inch deep, so as to glue theese fringes on the base following the round shape.
Then I didn't like the way it looked and used my scissors to cut irregular fringes on the upper part too.
Then I adhered the punched border around it, but it was still missing something. So I decided to add a handle, I just glued together two narrow strips, a pp on top of a cardstock strip.
Then I made two little bows and fastened them with some hidden stitches on the left and right of the handle.
Then it still seemed to me it needed a little something, so I used a wider strip of pink paper and adhered it inside the basket after making fringes to that too. I also accented the edges with red distress ink.
Final step, I threw inside the basket some crumbled pieces of pink paper and sprinkled the lot with the water and Perfect Pearls mixture for some shine. I didn't add anything else on this, and now I see it again, not too bad for an experiment!!!
If I'm not too lazy, I'll make a few for easter gifts for my friends and if I actually do this, I'll take photos of the steps so you 'll be able to make one if you like it!


  1. Love your did you cut the diamond shape at the bottom of the basket? It is lovely

  2. lovely basket...yes please for the step by step photos as we have Easter teachers gifts!

  3. I'm so glad you liked it ladies! Zeffy, the diamond shape is part of the border, I cut it using the Martha Stewart Trellis border punch. Irini, possibly tomorrow I'll try to make a second one and take the photos!

  4. τι καλό!! είναι πολύ ανοιξιάτικο και χαρούμενο!! μπράβο!



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