Monday, November 30, 2009

JYC 2009: Preparations!

Well, my participation to the 1st ever greek crop, apart from the fun, getting to know some of the greek scrapers and learning new stuff, included a great treat: I won a participation in Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas online class!!!
Thank you Irini for the wonderfull day and for the awesome gift!

The fact is that I was totally clueless about the JYC, so as soon as I received the details from Shimelle I plunged in the JYC forum and I got super excited! From what I gathered, you create a layout every day, from the 1st December up to the 6th of January, and for each day you 're given a different "prompt" as they say, "mission" as I understand it, and you must take a photo, do some journaling, etc, whatever you want.

The only thing that worries me is the time frame and if I 'll be able to do a different layout every day, so I chose a 6x12 format that I think will be less time consuming than a 12 x 12 (my default size), but finally I decided to take it easy even if that means skipping a day or two.

Bottom line, I want to have fun, not to add another thing on my list to make me anxious.

Nevertheless, while reading the JYC forum on Sunday afternoon, I realized that I didn't have enough christmas supplies, althought I already had 10 pages from the "Jolly by Golly" Cosmo Cricket collection it wouldn't last throught the album (37 layouts!) and I wanted it to have some consistency regarding the colours and patterns (don't mock me, I was just born this way!!!LOL) so I did an urgent search through Memories Trend and found the Basic Grey Figgy collection and it suited me exactly (thank God it was available), so I grabbed it, as well as THIS and THIS chipboard from Basic Grey. I also got red big O'wires for the binding.
Hopefully my order will be here tommorow, so I will be ready in time.

Tommorow is the big day, I 'm pretty curious and excited, I'll let you know how that goes!


  1. It's a fab class ... This year will be my fourth year taking part ... I have a seperate blog for it ... it's important to take a photo, and journal for the day, you can leave the actual scrapping for later ... I usually do 2-3 days every weekend! LOL :) But it's fab, and if you have any questions just ask!

  2. Thanks Eleni, it's good to have someone to ask for advice when the panic attacks! I also checked your JYC blog, nice work!

  3. This is my second year, I didn;t scrap it but I journalled it every day with a sketch so that if I ever found time to scrap i could do it with my eyes closed so to say.
    don't stress enjoy yourself it is a fabulous class



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