Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Layouts: March 2009

In this layout I wanted to include many photos of my niece while she was having fun and making faces to the camera, and also two photos where she is with my brother while he was preparing to wash the car.
So I decided to print the two photos, where she is with her father, in normal size and the other photos I just printed them in small size.
I used a patterned scrap paper for the center of the layout and adhered the main photos, then I adhered the rest on two strips of green cardstock on each side of the layout. Then I decided to add another strip of green cardstock, in a lighter shade this time to tone down the contrast between the patterned paper and the dark green cardstock.

I also wanted to include two photos where my niece was following her father around but there was no more space left on the layout, so I just cut around the figures and adhered them on the left and on the right of the main photo.
Finally, I just added the title and the journaling.

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