Sunday, December 12, 2010

JYC 2010: December 10

Wrapping paper is the prompt. First thing, I printed an envelope template, cut it and then covered it with a paper napkin. Then, I added the "presents" on the right and made a pocket on the back for my journaling. Then I added photos of my favorite christmas items made of paper, that is an old paperback with Dickens's Christmas Books and the current issue of Magnolia Ink magazine.

I colored the image with my copics and then highlited some details with the clear Sakura Stardust pen, I also added a tiny bow on top.

I used a bow from the pattern of the napkin in order to make the closure.

Here's the envelope open, I wanted to put a photo inside but we haven't purchased gifts so far, so I put a photo of the christmas gift I purchased for myself, I'm still waiting for it to arrive!

I like very much wrapping gifts, and this is another reason why I love christmas!


  1. Konstantina so sorry i did not get to see this live...we missed you yesterday!!!by the way how is the scraproon us more pics and I want to hear the story of the blue chair!!

  2. Zeffy I'm sorry too that I missed you all! As for the JYC, I'll have it with me to our next meeting. The blue was two years ago, when I did my scraproom, I'll tell you about it someday!

  3. Awesome page! I love idea of hidden photo! And I'm also this kind of person, who makes gift for myself :) Kind regards from Poland!

  4. Oooh lovely. You are so creative! But addict that I am
    I noticed your marvellous mode Filofax Christmas pressie. What do you plan to use it for?

  5. Hi girls, thanks for your comments! CP, I'll reveal it in a full post once I'm done with the JYC posts, but I'm sure you won't be surprised!:-)



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