Monday, December 6, 2010

JYC 2010: 2nd December

Weather is the prompt, I dream of white christmas but it is sooo not happening, so as you can imagine I keep complaining about the insane weather, I start worrying that I'm in a Doctor Who episode and that I'm mysteriously transported (or should I say teleported?) to Australia! As you can see the flowers are blooming in my backyard, I won't be surprised if I see the Easter Bunny (ok, maybe it will be brain damage but I'm sure Dr House can find the cure!) see, I 'm already rambling!

My ideal christmas weather is illustrated on the left page, after I finished it I thought that it lacked something (snow, duh!) so I used a uni ball white pen and added snow on the branches and dots all over the images, it really made the difference! For coloring the Tilda I used my copics, I wanted an intense and vibrant result so as to contrast whith the backround.

The truth is that today it was a little chilly (11 *C in the morning, compared to the previous days you can call it chilly) so I think that maybe it will eventually get on track, I certainly hope so!


  1. Lovely poages, I like those vivid colours!

  2. γίνεται πολύ πολύ όμορφο!!! μπράβο σου!!!

  3. πόσο συμφωνώ μαζί σου για τον καιρό!!
    το αλμπουμάκι σου είναι καταπληκτικό..κάθε σελίδα φοβερή...

  4. We can hop into the Tardis together and head on over to mmmmmm.....choices...choices.... where could we go in Europe where it is snowing?????.......
    Well every where but HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel for you...Just today C3 said to me are we in Australia or Greece how come there are flowers blooming isn't supposed to be winter?
    Thus great minds think alike....
    you pages are fab as usual!

  5. k i love the way you colour your images...a true artist!!



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