Monday, March 2, 2009

Tips: Buying from Ebay

Buying my crafts stuff from ebay has became a routine for me.

  1. Huge variety of choice
  2. Prices are varying from good to really good to unbeatable!
  3. Hard to find stuff, like retired or new releases

What it takes to achieve a purchase that will make me smile is just searching for a while:

  1. I use the ebay search engine (advanced mode) and there I define what I'm looking for. My standard criteria are: new, available to Greece, buy now (I don't have the patience to monitor an auction) and then the description of the object I'm looking for, i.e. fiskars trimmer
  2. Then, I sort the results, usually by the price (lowest to highest) and go through them.
  3. I always calculate the total cost (price + shipping) to determine what I should consider buying and what not
  4. If I'm looking for something small and light, i.e. clear stamps, thickers, embelishments, punches (not huge ones), I prefer USA because the prices are really good (with shipping costs included). I also pay antention not to exceed 30-40 euros of total cost (I'm scared of greek customs!). If I 'm looking for something heavier or more expensive, I always prefer europe ebay (uk, ireland, france, italy, whatever)
  5. Once I decide what I want to buy, I check the rest of the stuff that the seller has for sale, because they combine shipping costs, and if I find something else that I currently want and is within my budget limit, I choose to buy the object I was searching for and the extra object that caught my attention.
  6. I go through the checkout process but I request the total from the seller, so as to receive a total invoice with the shipping costs recalculated.
  7. Once the seller sends me the total invoice, I pay via Paypal
  8. ALWAYS USE PAYPAL, if there is a "safe" way to send money via the net, that is Paypal.
  9. The delivery varies from a week to a month (rarely and only when buying from usa)
  10. Once I receive, I leave feedback for the total experience.

So far, everything I ordered was received as described, no bad surprises, with one exception: a dcwv matstack was corrupted on one corner (not something that could happen from bad handling from the post services). I sent an email to the seller with a picture of it (before leaving feedback), the seller was kind to send me another matstack free, I left positive feedback, everybody happy!

What I'm not buying from ebay?

  1. Heavy cardstock packs because the shipping costs are very high. I usually purchase them form online retailers in europe (I like american crafts and I usually buy them from
  2. When I need something asap, I always choose
  3. When I want a specific object from a well known brand and can't find it, I always send a quote to and ask about it.

So, I have to leave you now, I 've got some nestabillities hunting to do!

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