Monday, February 16, 2009

The Beginning

Well, let's see how it started....

August 2008. I was looking for a new hobby, a little less messy than painting (I had a lot of issues with paint going to all the wrong places and I 'd spend hours cleaning up...) and one day, while surfing the net, BAM!!! it hit me like a truck.



I had a specific project in mind (an album for my niece, now 20 months old). All I needed was the SUPPLIES!

At first it looked really simple, just a few basic tools and stuff (boy, was I fooled).
I started by buying the absolutely basics:
An American Crafts postbound album (I love these by the way)
An American Crafts white cardstock pack
A Fiskars paper trimmer
A Basic Grey paper pad (gorgeous stuff, all of them)
A Fiscars Shape Cutter and some templates.

THEN I MET E-BAY and everything became simpler, faster, easier and cheaper!
I can choose from a variety of items and prices, I can find things that are not available here in Greece and even if they are, usually at a much higher price.
So, I bought (and still buying) a LOT of stuff:
DCWV mat stack (glitter and adhesive, they always come handy)
Punches punches punches

American Crafts Coloured Cardstock
More Basic Grey Paper Pads (don't you just love them?)
And then...
Stamps! (clear most of them, easy and compact storage)
Inks! (small pads, storage issues apparently)
Embossing supplies!
And the list is endless...


My first pages were really awkward, with lots of photos cramming and a little flower there, a little stamp on the other side, more like a standard photo album with a little shine.

Then I started to focus on choosing just the right pictures, these that had "something" and not the average "say cheese" photos. I started to leave more room for them, I started to match colours, and, every page is (usually, 'cause I still have an issue with squeezing too many photos on a page) coming out prettier than the last.

I 'm still a rookie, there's tons of things that I don't as yet know, but I like experimenting (even if it means that I destroy a paper or two in the process) and the outcome most of the times is rewarding (not to mention lots of scraps left that can be used later on...).

So, this is a journey, with no specific plan or destination, just for fun!

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