Friday, October 15, 2010

Project: Crafted Filofax!

I must confess that I've never been into Filofax, because I found them too bulky for my handbags. But, one day, I saw the Filofax of a colleague on her desk, a cute Songbird, so I decided to take a look at Filofax UK. And guess what? I fell in love with the bright red Adelphi and I couldn't resist the temptation to make an early Christmas gift to myself! Here it is
When I got my hands on it, I was thrilled with the color, the size, the softness of the leather, I just loved it as is!
Hmm, maybe not exactly as is...but then again, you know me! The fact is that it needed a little something, so first step, I decided to make my own content dividers. So I printed some images in BW and colored them with my copics (sooo predictable!) Here they are, this is the first section with the diary:
 And here are the tabs I made so far, they were in a Moleskine diary, I just stuck them on some clear acetate and adhered them on the back of the pages with Glue Dots:
Second section for birthdays, anniversaries etc:
 Next section, Tasks:
Bills to pay (I could live without these, LOL!):
 Shopping list (I could use a whole Filofax for this alone, I have to be ready for the day I'll win the lottery!!!)
And last but not least, books to download:
On the back there's vertical pocket and I thought to put a Moleskine Volant inside, for random thoughts, sketches, etc, but they were either too small or too big, so I experimented once more (what's life without  burned eyebrows, LOL!) and I ventured to make a litlle book by myself. I just cut some photocopy papers, folded them in two, arranged them randomly in bunches (one inside the other), sthiched the "spines" and then adhered them to a thick cardstock piece that I had already stamped, embossed and varnished. The whole process took me about an hour and the result is simple because it is the first one and didn't want to spend too much time and materials on a thing that could end up in the garbage. Here it is:
And here's the back pocket:
 It sits perfectly inside, because, as you can see below, the rings are really small (it is a Slimline, the rings are smaller than the standard size) and there's enough room for a notepad:
And that's about it, I haven't so far customized it the best possible way because I want to use it a while first and then figure if I want to add or remove something.
Last details (in case you wondered) the small pen is a Pilot Petit and the backround is an gorgeous scarf I bought from Marks & Spencer!

PS:I thought to share with you that Filofax Italia currently has sales!

Update: Here's the blank template


  1. Scrapgal I absolutely
    LOVE what you have done with your Filofax. You are so talented!! And it is nice to see another Adelphi Filofax. I have the personal in damson (purple), it is on my blog and just looking at it makes me happy. I am not as creative as you are so may stick to something simple like stamping!
    I am going to read the rest of your blog now as by the name I guess you are into scrap booking which I started last week. So glad you posted on philofaxy and so I could find you :-)

  2. hi are so very creative....I loved what you have done!!I hope you enjoy your new filofax

  3. I'm just speechless!!! It's a marvellous piece of art, a million congratulations for your work!

  4. Hi ladies,

    I'm sooo glad you liked it! It's still under modification - I just added a little discreet shine here and there with a clear Sakura Stardust!

  5. κ α τ α π λ η κ τ ι κ ό!! υπέροχο!! ζήλεψα κι εγώ!

  6. Τέλειοοοοο! 1000 μπράβο!!!

  7. Μοναδικό!!! Δεν ξέρω ποιο επίθετο να χρησιμοποιήσω για τις δημιουργίες σου Κωνσταντίνα… μιλάνε από μόνες τους!!! Εγώ μόνο να τις θαυμάσω μπορώ!

  8. I love how you personnalized your filofax, would you be willing to share the link to the template?

  9. I added a jpg with the blank template,HTH!

  10. Φανταστικό Κωνσταντίνα!!!!

  11. My comment is totally late, but I love what you've done with your Adelphi (so artistic!) and this post is what sealed the deal for me when I decided to go from a Personal to an A5. I love this color. What size is it?

  12. Hi again,
    Not meaning to be a stalker, but realized I may have committed a cardinal sin of blogging (I'm a novice blogger and still learning). I put a link to this post in my own blog. I hope that's OK. Please contact me if not.



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